Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bobby Boo!

Brianna got Cinderella III from the Easter bunny...she has become quite obsessed with it! Well obsessed with anything princess actually. For her birthday she received a princess wand! The other day she taps Morgan on the head with it and says "Bobby Boo!". Not quite sure what she was trying to change him into!


Last week we went to see Allie! Allie is Shysa and Baloo's puppy who my Grandpa took! She is really quite the handful! When we got there and opened the door to go inside she ran in, jumped up on the edge of the table, licked my Grandma's plate and then stole my Grandpa's piece of cake! She is a little bit crazy, but really pretty and really sweet! She is about 3.5 months old in these pics. Justin says she is prettier than Shysa...

Side View of Allie:

Front View of Allie:

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Congratulations to Clover! The Easter bunny brought a special present to my aunt! Her goat, Clover, had a baby on Easter! Here is a pic: