Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pierced Ears

A couple of weeks ago I dragged DD Brianna to the mall to look at some clothing stores. She totally hates shopping! After two stores she was begging me to go home! As we were walking out I saw an ear piercing I asked Brianna if she would like to get her ears pierced! Her answer was "not today, maybe later!". I asked her a few times over the next week and her answer was always the same! So Friday afternoon out of the blue she tells me she wants to get her ears pierced now (like a Princess!). So we wait a few hours and I ask her again and she still wants to get them pierced. So I explain to her it is going to hurt....kind of like getting a shot at the doctors. She is still up for it! So we go to the mall and she chooses out pink princess sparkley earrings (of course). She did great when they actually pierced them! She didn't even whine and just cried a single tear. She thought she looked great with her new earrings!! When we got home that night before bed she wanted to take them out so they wouldn't get lost when she was sleeping! So I explained to her that she couldn't take them out for a while. She said well what am I going to do when I eat?! I don't want to spill on them!!! Such a princess!

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